Terms & Conditions

08:45, Monday 1st November 2021

The Doghouse Needham - Terms & Conditions


Please note our diary is open up until Christmas, We have done our best to ensure all holidays and days off have been booked in advance. In the rare event your appointment needs to be changed you will be contacted directly.

1. All appointments must be cancelled online within 3 hours prior to the appointment. Customers will not be able to cancel appointments online after this 3 hour period and will have up to 2 hours before the appointment to contact the shop directly.
1.1 If an appointment is missed without any contact from the customer the account will be suspended until half the appointment value is paid. All of our barbers our self employed and being a busy shop we receive a lot of no-shows which directly impacts barbers takings for the day and unfortunately cant fill the slot at short notice. 

2. If you are running late to your appointment and not in the chair ready for your service within 7 minutes  after your appointment time the barber holds the right to refuse service and your appointment will be marked as misssed or refuse part of your service but you will still be charged the full amount.

3. Any queries, questions complaints regarding the service/haircut you received/receiving please contact the shop within 12 hours of your appointment.

4. Incase of sickness or emergencys our barbers hold the right to cancel appointments within 1 hour off the appointment. Failure to cancel within the 1 hour you will receive a free haircut on your next trip to the shop. (sick days and emergencys are very rare but could be possible with our barbers having young families)

5. Being a busy barbershop we will occasionally need to move appointments around to ensure we are maximising the amount of slots we have and minimise wasted time. Appointments will only be moved by 15 minutes (normaly backwards/later to cater for working times). We will try to do this with as much advance as possible giving you enough time to contact us if theres a issue. Appointments needing to be moved more then 15 minutes or close to the appointment will be contacted by the barbershop directly.

*Anyone who refuses to follow the saftey procedures put in place risk having their service declined and be marked as missed*

6. Customers are asked to arrive to their appointment on time and not early. Please be aware if you arrive to your appointment more then 10 minutes early you may be asked to wait until closer to your appointment time. (we advise customers to wait in their car until nearer the time)

7. Upon entry customers will be asked to thoroughly sanitise their hands using the pump provided and take a seat until your called over to take a seat in the barbers chair.

8. Although mask wearing is no longer mandatory The Doghouse Needham is committed to ensuring our barbershop is one of the cleanest around therefore we will be continuing to ask customers to wear masks until further notice.   
9. The barber holds the right to cancel or refuse your service if he feels you are unwell and showing symtoms of COVID19